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    What's shemale sex doll? Shemale sex doll is a unique sex doll that has both male and female genitals, which is what makes her most attractive. She has a perfectly sexy female body and a thick penis.
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    What's futanari? Futanari originally stems from Japanese mythology and folklore, where you sometimes find creatures with both male and female attributes.
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    How to make a pocket pussy? About DIY Pocket Pussy Guide Are you looking for an affordable, customizable alternative to store-bought pocket pussies? You're in luck! In this guide, we'll show you how to DIY a pocket pussy at home.
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    What's hentai futanari? Hentai futanari has gained a dedicated following among fans of erotic art and manga.
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    6 Best Sex Doll Torso Best sex doll torso is more affordable than a full-body sex doll. It is smaller, lighter, and cost less. Sex doll torsos are usually made of very safe materials: TPE or silicone.
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    What is Mini Sex Doll? Mini sex dolls, as the name suggests, are smaller and cheaper versions of traditional sex dolls, typically standing at a height of 3 feet or less. Compared to their larger counterparts, they offer a petite and portable alternative. Despite their compact s
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    What is an ovipositor dildo and how to use it? Ovipositor dildo is a type of dildo that simulates egg-laying functionality, inspired by certain insects, animals, monsters, aliens, or fantasy creatures that deposit large eggs by inserting their long ovipositor organ into other organisms.